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Eucharistic Adoration—will occur in the Church until further notice. It is still being held 24/7 and access to the building will be allowed after hours through the use of the after hours codes. Live Streams will be offered via our Facebook page.

Do our Holy Hour Live Streams have you scratching your head and asking why?
In the May 3, 2020 bulletin, look for a whole page on what a Holy Hour is and what to do during it!
To help newcomers to the idea of a Holy Hour, as we live stream a Holy Hour for the next few weeks, we will be offering a guided Holy Hour. If you have your own way of spending your time in His presence, please feel free to tune in and continue with your routine, or if you want to change it up, join in! Maybe you’ll find a new favorite way to spend your hour!

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Stations of the Cross— There are some booklets available for use should you wish to pray the Stations of the Cross while in Adoration. A recording of “Everyone’s Way of the Cross” by Clarence Enzler featuring Fr. Luke and our own Parish Stations is available on our Facebook page.


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