Automated Giving FAQ

EFT Giving - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


Q: What are the advantages of EFT Giving?

A:  EFT Giving:

  • Guarantees that your Stewardship commitment will always be fulfilled, as you intended
  • Shows you to be a disciple by giving the first fruits of your treasure, rather than what’s left over.
  • Is hassle- free. You never need to search for cash or write a check to fill your weekend envelope.
  • Saves from “making-up” envelopes if you were unable to attend weekend Mass at Queen of Heaven.
  • Allows the Parish to better plan & budget expenses for the various ministries by having stable monthly revenues.


Q: If I decide on EFT Giving, can I change my monthly or other amounts if necessary?

A: Certainly! You can increase or decrease the amount at any time.


Q: Is EFT Giving a secure and accurate method for making my gift?

A: Definitely! Because it is done electronically, your monthly gift does not enter into our normal weekly collection counting process. The transfer is done electronically, bank to bank, with Queen of Heaven receiving a statement of the amount of your funds transferred.


Q: Does it make any difference in which bank I have my checking or savings account?

A:  No. Almost every bank or credit union in America is able to process regular monthly payments electronically.


Q: Does my bank charge me for this fee?

A: No. If there is a small service charge, it will be borne by Queen of Heaven.


Q: Can I pick the date in which the funds will be transferred from my account each month?

A: Unfortunately, no. With EFT, we had to choose a single date for the whole parish. That date is set as the 10th of each month for the Sunday collection or as noted for other collections.


Q: With my check, I had a record of when I made my gift. How will I know my EFT gift has been made?

A:   Your bank will note the amount deducted from your account on your monthly bank statement.


Q: Will my EFT Giving be recorded on the statement of contributions I receive from QH at the end of each year?

A: Yes, Your EFT gift is recorded in your records in the same way as if you were giving cash or check in your weekly envelope.


Q: Speaking of envelopes, what do I do with mine if I sign-up for EFT Giving?

A: As envelopes are printed ahead of time it may take a few months before you stop receiving your regular Sunday envelopes.  You will continue to receive envelopes for second collection to outside organizations. 


Q: Can I make my gift to Queen of Heaven special collections using EFT?

A: Yes. QH second collections are noted on the reverse side of the authorization agreement.   Unfortunately, second collections from outside organizations cannot be handled by EFT at this time. Since each outside special collection is unique, you would continue to respond to these collections with cash or check in the envelopes provided for that purpose.