Corona FAQ

We are all encouraged to pray at home at this time.  However, Queen of Heaven Church is currently open during the day for those who choose to come to church and pray privately.  The church is being cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis, and we encourage everyone who comes to make sure that you maintain proper social distancing during these time of high alert.

The church will be unlocked from 7:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. for all who want to visit.


Do I still have to go to Mass?

             No, the obligation for attending Mass has been suspended.


Are we still having daily and weekend Masses?

             Due to current health concerns, we will not be celebrating Masses in the Church.


How long will Masses be suspended?

At this time, we unfortunately do not have a timeline.


What if I already requested a Mass Intention for a Mass this week?

The Intentions that were requested will be fulfilled through private Masses said by Fr. Greg & Fr. Luke.

If you do not wish, for your intention to be said privately, please contact the Rectory.



Will there be an option to live stream Masses online?

For a list of Churches that will be offering live stream Masses, please see this page.


What about Funeral Masses?

For Funeral Masses, it is asked that only the immediate family attend. The arrangements will be made through the Funeral Home.


I still have my weekly envelope. What do I do with that?

You may submit your weekly envelope via the mail or by dropping it off at the Parish Rectory.


Is the Parish Rectory still open?

For the time being, yes, our Parish Rectory is still open for calls and for visits.


I have a question for the School or Faith Formation.

Feel free to contact them for more information.