Corona FAQ


Do I still have to go to Mass?

             No, the obligation for attending Mass continues to be suspended.


Are we still having daily and weekend Masses?

            As of Thursday, November 26, we will be going back to our Yellow Alert attendance levels due to the Supreme Court ruling. Social Distancing and Masks are still required, and cleaning will still occur after each Mass, but the number of people in attendance will increase again. For more information, feel free to read the press release from the Diocese of Buffalo here.


What if I already requested a Mass Intention for a Mass this week?

             Seeing as our normal Mass schedule can continue, so will the Mass Intentions. This is subject to change.


Will there be an option to live stream Masses online?

            We do currently Live Stream every Mass via our Angelcam connection here on our website. We also stream a special multi-camera, more interactive version of Mass every Saturday at 4:00 pm on our Facebook Page! You do not need to be a member of Facebook to watch the Live Stream.


What about Funeral Masses?

             For Funeral Masses, we are able to accomodate up to 130 people in Church. The Mass is available on our website to Live Stream.


I still have my weekly envelope. What do I do with that?

              You may submit your weekly envelope via the mail or by dropping it off at the Parish Rectory.


Is the Parish Rectory still open?

               Yes, our Parish Rectory is still open for calls and for visits. We ask that as much business as possible be done over the phone or by dropping off an item in our drop box in the front door of the Rectory.


I have a question for the School or Faith Formation.

               Feel free to contact them for more information. Their information can be found on other portions of this website.